Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:15 Basi Systems Yogaswings TRX
10:30 Αlignment Yoga TRX
Pre-post natal
Basi Systems Pilates*
Pre-post natal
Basi Systems Hatha yoga*
17:00 Basi Systems Pre-post natal
Basi Systems
18:15 Alignment Yoga Pre-post natal
Αshtanga Yoga
BASI Systems
Yoga for kids
Basi Systems
Hatha yoga*
Basi Systems
19:30 Vinyasa Yoga
Basi Systems
Basi Systems Hatha yoga
19:45 Pilates mat* Pilates props Basi Systems Pilates
21:00 Basi Systems TRX Basi Systems Basi Systems

Basi systems: Use of equipment after appointment. Class of 2-6 persons

Yoga Swings & TRX: Group classes after appointment

Cancellations for morning classes 17.00-21.00 and for afternoon-evening classes 10.00-13.00.


*Community class (low price class)

Prenatal : Classes for pregnancy


For more information please contact the reception Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 & 17.00- 21.00. Thank you!