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30/06 & 01/07 – 03/07 Montanema Handmade Village in Thessaly! YOGA PILATES & MINDFULNESS RETREAΤ ΑGRAFA – PLASTIRA LAKE

 Studio Anima is planning the next YOGA PILATES & MINDFULNESS RETREAT Group in Agrafa/Lake Plastira in collaboration with Exotic Tours for 4 & 3 Days respectively from 30/06 – 03/07 (Possibility of arrival 30/06 or 01/07).

Transportation by your own facility and car. Departing from Thessaloniki the duration of the road trip is approximately 3 ½ hours while from Athens is approximately 4 hours.

We have chosen the MONTANEMA Handmade Village. Accommodation in stone forest houses i

Montanema is a handmade hospitality village, where the love for nature and art, the taste of tradition, the ecological consciousness and the authentic hospitality are essential. The complex of stone houses has won many awards and it is considered bioclimatic with respect for the nature and the landscape.

The Green Complex consists of 33 stone houses with different layouts, so we have secured the following categories:

ACCOMMODATION & COST – Prices per person


  • Dates: 30/06 – 03/07 x 04 Days
  • One Room House for Double use: 350 € per person
  • One Room House for Single use: 410 € per person
  • Family house for double use: € 390 per person
  • Family house for triple or quadruple use: € 310 per person

*** Additional discounts will be provided referring Families with children 02 to 18 years old

(children’s accommodation)***


  • Dates: 01/07 – 03/07 x 03 Days
  • One Room House for Double use: 260 € per person
  • One Room House for Single use: 320 € per person
  • Family house for double use: € 310 per person
  • Family house for triple or quadruple use: € 250 per person

*** Additional discounts will be provided referring Families with children 02 to 18 years old

(children’s accommodation)***


Above Rates Include:

  • Delicious handmade traditional breakfast (daily) with many vegetarian options
  • The meeting Room for Yoga Sessions (spacious, with sunny & bright windows and wooden floor). We will have the opportunity to arrange Yoga & Pilates Sessions outdoors.
  • Six (6) lessons in total with Alexandra.
  • One dinner per day, served, rural cuisine (which can be vegetarian) five dishes (will include appetizer, salad, handmade pie baked in the hull and of course one of our dishes in the wood oven… and dessert).
  • Extra Activities organized especially for you in the forest.


For your information, raw ingredents and all our products used in our kitchen are pure, genuine and traditional of exceptional quality and unique flavor. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, eggs, produced in our local territory and in our farm, as well as eggs and butter from our orgnaic farm garden. The way of cooking is handmade, in a wooden oven and a traditional hull and all our recipes are old from local housewives of the area, cooked with passion and pleasure that makes the food a unique experience for our guests.



  • Indicated Proposed Activities (included in the Rates)
  • A walk in the fir forest (if weather permits) to the post-Byzantine church of Ai – Giorgis with an escort, experienced connoisseur of fauna, flora and history of the area // Duration 1.5 hours
  • Descent to the gorge of Anthochori (if weather permits) with an escort to see the waterfalls.
  • Wild food experience: collection of wild food and mushroom hunting in the forest with an experienced connoisseur of flora and wild mushrooms. This activity can be combined with one of the above two proposed walking tours (hopefully our nature will provide us wild mushrooms) // Duration 1.5 hours
  • Feeding and care of animals inside our farm (goat, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, etc.) // Duration 20 minutes
  • We will have the opportunity to make our own handmade butter in the “Botinelo”, a manufacturing technique used in the old days and times // Duration 30 minutes
  • Cooking Lesson: we will knead pure bread with flour, salt and water without preservatives and we will learn how to make a traditional pie by opening a sheet or a traditional agrafi recipe, in our outdoor kitchen // Duration 45 ‘


Proposals for Alternative Activities, related to food, nature, wellness and energy – Learn how to live healthy, back to the basics for groups of 08 to 15 people Ø  Use of Aquanema facilities: 20 € per person //Duration 1 hourIndoor heated pool, traditional Turkish marble Turkish bath, sauna with handmade soaps. At the end relaxation with a decoction of wild herbs of our local area. Ø  Crystal therapy: 25 € per person // Duration 1 hourGuided meditation with the use of crystals that stimulate the person energetically, relieve physical pain and bring peace of mind.


  • Wine tasting of wines from the Thessalian vineyard in our cellar: 25 € per person // Duration 1 hour

We will have a conversation about wines and the production, we will learn the process of wine tasting and we will taste wines from our local territory with accompaniments.

  • Honey tasting and honey preparation course: 25 € per person // Duration 1 hour

We will learn all about the bee products and how we can use them, the categories of honey, we will try Agrafon honey, how we can produce honey without harming the bees (this also interests vegans) and of course we will taste honey and how it is combined with various foods. We will go to the beehives wearing a uniform and live the experience up close!

  • Archery course in the forest: 12 € per person // Duration 1 hour (1 person can participate)
  • Handmade soap making course: 15 € per person // Duration 1 hour

We warmly ask for your timely participation so that we can plan all the activities accordingly and ensure an unforgettable stay for all our guests.

Advance payment deadline: until MARCH 10

ADVANCE PAYMENT the time of the Booking for the Guarantee of the Reservation: 30%

Reservations and Information:


Tel: 210 3640500