Breast Cancer Rehab

Mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgeries are on the increase in recent years, since breast cancer affects far too many women.

Early detection tests for breast cancer can save lives. The same applies to mastectomy, which even though “uncomfortable” has helped thousands of women to “get back” to their lives.

When a woman has a positive attitude towards surgery, she feels the same about reconstruction. Moreover, psychological support is significant the same as exercise which has to begin 4-8 weeks after surgery It is necessary to say that mastectomy does not affect the muscular system at all. Reconstruction can cause the muscle to shift without sacrificing muscle structure. Bear in mind that mastectomy itself is not associated with movement development. Any kind of exercise and especially Pilates as well as Yoga, which is possibly the most integrated exercise and spiritual balance system, is the ideal choice for women having undergone mastectomy.

Αlexandra teaches a specific workshop about breast cancer and rehabilation under the BASI Pilates brand.