Breast cancer Fight it and workout.

Breast cancer Fight it and workout.

Prevention and exercise:

As far as prevention is concerned it is advisable to have a mammogram after the age of 40 and breast palpation 3-4 times a year, ideally before menstruation. Women with a family history of breast cancer should be particularly cautious.

After the operation you can start with gentle exercises at home (i.e. parallel movement of hands up and down, open and close). Practise the Pilates breathing exercises which can significantly improve your post-operative condition or yoga breathing (breath in and out through the nose).

Finally, there are some mudras (gestures) that could help you stay calm and in a good mood.

Mudra for healthy chest and heart

  • Place your palms flat on your breasts, open and close your arms alternatively.
  • Continue at a fast pace until you feel warm.

Above all, trust yourself and listen to your inner voice. Do not forget that our bodies are intelligent and they can be our guides! Do not hesitate to contact anima for further information. We are here for you.

Alexandra Rossopoulou (in collaboration with Athina Giannopoulou, Plastic Surgeon)