Each problem we deal with, that concerns food, our weight or the image of our body is a result of deeper, inner imbalances of our energy centers, our Chakras. The goal of the “Chakras, Food and Body” class is for us to understand and transform the relationship we have with food and our body through our energy centers.

The Chakras, serving as the map that combines our soul and body, allow us to discover exactly where the real reasons of our difficulties lie while at the same time show us how we can overcome them by strengthening our energy centers that lack energy and discharging the ones that are overloaded.

During each class, we will examine each of our 7 energy centers in depth; also, we will analyze how certain imbalances and blockages lead to specific behaviors, such as over-eating, emotional eating or constant dieting as well as to specific body types. The second part of each class will be devoted to techniques, practices and exercises inspired by yoga, meditation/visualization, therapy of movement, body psychology and bioenergy, which help with establishing the balance and better function of each Chakra so as to deal and cure the real reasons of our difficulties having as a goal to build a relationship of love between our food and our body.

The program will consist of 8 independent sessions and participation will be open to everyone. You can join in anytime regardless if you have already attended the previous sessions.

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