Pregnancy and exercise. What are the benefits?

Pregnancy and exercise. What are the benefits?

At anima we offer specially designed prenatal classes for expecting moms, combining yoga and pilates exercises. Take a look at the advantages of this special combination of exercises created for this group of students.

  • it improves energy levels as well as how a woman seems and feels,
  • it strengthens the muscles that get more tired (back, legs, pelvic floor, abdomen) and helps to have a correct body posture,
  • it makes the body more flexible,
  • it increases stamina.

During exercise we advise you:

  • Not to push yourself to exhaustion or uncomfortable poses.
  • Not to compete with other women.
  • Listen to your body and do what is good for you.
  • Reduce intensity if the ambient conditions are hot or humid.
  • And of course ask for help at any point during exercise. We are there for you!

Alexandra Rossopoulou