Yoga and hypertension

Yoga and hypertension

Research in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia has shown that about 1 in 4 adults, has high blood pressure That means that blood pressure reading is constantly higher than normal.

In Greece, there are almost 2.000.000 hypertensive people. As we age, we all develop higher risk for high blood pressure (over 65 years of age,1 in 2 people is hypertensive).

Hypertension is associated with hereditary factors, obesity, high salt intake, sedentary life etc. whereas treatment is not possible.

Nevertheless it is possible to lower blood pressure in the normal range, mostly by taking constantly anti-hypertensive drugs or by reducing body weight and salt intake. Moreover, a diet rich in potassium and calcium (fruit, vegetables and dairy products with low fats) can be beneficial. Also, reducing alcohol lowers pressure to those who drink to excess.

However, it is physical activity such as brisk walking or cycling for half an hour daily that has a tremendous effect on controlling blood pressure among hypertensive patients. Research has shown that regular yoga exercise can be a remarkably effective way to regulate blood pressure and help patients discover a new lifestyle habit. Try it!

Alexandra Rossopoulou