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 On Saturday, April 8th at 10:00, Baptiste Herbert, will teach a free online pilates class, a gift from anima and BASI Pilates Academy Thessaloniki to the Greek and international community.

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Baptiste Herbert

Born in Lyon, France, in 1975, Baptiste started dancing when he was 8 years old.

Aged 9 Baptiste joined the Paris Opera Ballet School; he left at the age of 13 to devote himself fully to his schooling.

After graduating from high school, he completed a year of preparatory school for physiotherapy then returned to his first passion, dance.

In 1997 he was hired at the Ballet National de Marseille then headed by Roland Petit.
He stayed 11 years under the successive direction of Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Frédéric Flamand, as well as an interlude of a year with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens directed by Gradimir Pankov.

Obtaining the “French State Diploma of Dance Professor” in 2001 allowed him to appreciate and deepen his understanding of the physical abilities of the dancer and the technicality of movement.

Already aware of Pilates as a dancer, at the end of his career he naturally chose to pursue this field and follow instructor training.

In 2008 he certified as “Comprehensive Pilates instructor”, in France, by the Classical method of Ms. Romana Kryzanowska and Alan Herdman.

From 2009-2014 Baptiste owned and instructed at his Pilates studio in the heart of the 8th district of Marseille, France.

In 2015, with his family he decided to relocate to Cape Town South Africa where he obtained a Comprehensive BASI Pilates certification.

He is currently instructing in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

The relation to the body and physical exertion, sports, lifestyle and biology, omnipresent throughout his educational and professional background, have always been priorities.

Learning the Pilates technique as well as his dancer experience allows him today to develop an innovating and effective Pilates method.