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Friday evening Master Class 17/5/2024, 18.00-19.30:
“We all are disciples and in the same time Masters” (suitable for all levels)

Morning workshops 18&19/5/2024, 10.00–12.30:
Believing that yoga is a sacred and cosmic dance , morning practices will include Asanas with his own flow , inspired and born from 43 years of experience on various styles of Hatha Yoga, Qigong, Kalaripayatu ( Indian Martial Art with Ayurveda basic principals) and Body work( Thai massage, Osteothai, Wuo Thai, & Craniosacral) with the natural, organic, centered, and graceful flow of a danser that lived in France for 15 years.

Afternoon Workshops 18&19/5/2024 14.00-16.00:
Dao-Yin Kapalbati:
A soft, slow, meditative yet deep practice , suitable for everyone, beginners and advanced practitioners.
Meridians and acupressure points , together with the Indian soft pranayama Kapalbati, will lead to stability, inner silence, and peace of mind , joy and Ananda (efdemonia)

Cost: Full 110,00€

           1,5 hour:25,00€

           2 hours:30,00€

           2,5 hours:35,00€

no tax included

For more info please call anima studio 2310383993