At anima we teach various and different kinds of yoga. Whatever you may choose for your exercise you must be aware that yoga is for everyone and its benefits are significant. We are at your disposal for further information.


It is about an energetic and dynamic form of yoga and benefits whoever seek for strengthening, flexibility, clear mind and energy boost. It combines breathing (ujjayi pranayama) and motion including a large variety of poses (asanas) that succeed one another in constant flow and specific order. Practising ashtanga yoga the student warms up their muscles at such an extend that their flexibility increases dramatically. Especially helpful for people with back problems.


Alignment yoga looks at poses in a very specific way. In an alignment class you will be given detailed instructions about how to place even your little finger. This emphasis on detail is what makes alignment the ideal class for a beginner. This kind of yoga is easily adjusted to different levels of strength, experience and flexibility. Even though class can begin with a short chant, it does not include long meditations or breathing exercises.


Hatha yoga is considered the foundation of all yoga systems and it is suitable for one to learn the basic principles and techniques of yoga that will bring awareness and self-control. It comprises of asanas, breathing, relaxation, concentration and detox techniques. At anima we teach hatha yoga at specific sequences and stages using a method of our own patent so as to ensure better results and total safety from injuries for our students. Exercises are of moderate-intensity, slow and steady so as to maintain self-control.

Hatha yoga techniques reduce stress, relax, strengthen and exercise the whole body in various ways, so as to improve body posture and tackle musculoskeletal disorders and imbalances. They also improve health and especially the nervous, hormonal, immune, respiratory and cardiovascular system.


Yoga nidra was developed by Swami Satyanda Saraswati and is a systematic method that brings relaxation at all levels. It is a special technique by which students learn how to relax consciously. It is a state of dynamic sleep. The term nidra comprises of two words: yoga meaning union – awareness and nidra meaning sleep.

It is about inducing a state of deep relaxation and inner awareness. While being in this state between sleep and wakefulness, we are able to access the subconscious and the unconscious mind, allowing a controlled release of their content.


Like all kinds of yoga, you can practise yoga swings everywhere. Apart from the ceiling the swing can easily be hung on beams, in a tree or on playgrounds. Yoga swings class, or “the swings” offers the benefits of yoga in the most entertaining way. The great advantage of this class is that the familiar yoga poses can be taken with support or in the air so as to get over physical difficulties that may restrain us and practice asanas poses that we may have never tried before.


Vinyasa Yoga is a practise which synchronises breath and movement. It is a dynamic class focusing on power and flexibility. It combines harmony of movements and awareness towards the inner vision focusing on gradually deepening the practise. Practising the Ujjayi breathing, we increase the inner fire and the blood flow in the muscular system. Thus we can stretch muscles further and more safely. Vinyasa yoga focuses the mind and alleviates static thoughts.